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An easy way to double $ 400

By merging between the apparent and the abstract, the typical result of an investment should be a profit. In this industry, you can really make a big fortune with a few well-placed investments, but which ones?

Of course, the stock market is fair standard and putting money in some of the blue chips is a relatively profitable place to hold money for the long term. The real estate we have found is a remarkably versatile investment that requires some skill. Particularly in the area of ​​knowing values ​​and valuing correctly.

There are other types of investments and it can be said, and it is said, that anything can be classified as an investment as long as it is an asset and not a liability. With that definition, you could buy an application at the roadside stall for 10 cents and sell it in town for $ 1.20 and theoretically and rightly you can say that you just made an investment in the purest sense. made a profit. .

Putting $ 400 into a hedge fund won’t do much for one’s bank balance because entry costs alone would exceed that amount, but putting that same $ 400 into a wholesale investment of any commodity will give, or at least should, superior returns. Anything from New England Hams to a box of Maine Lobster can and is classified as an investment if your purchase was made at a wholesale price and well below the retail price.

One thing is for sure and it will never change, buying in bulk always attracts a huge discount over the natural retail sale of any particular product, so selling the highest quantity piece by piece can be a profitable investment tactic.

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