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Are you a technological dinosaur?

My challenging question to you, “Are you a techno dinosaur”? To what? I meet face to face with business owners every day. While there are millions of people online, there are still business owners who don’t use the internet to leverage their businesses. Millions are working with cloud computing, but the tech dinosaurs are doing business with their heads in the cloud.

How to recognize a techno dinosaur?

They don’t really use the computer as a tool to run the business. What, you’re surprised, maybe you’re not and you know someone like that. Let me paint a picture of a techno dinosaur. There’s very little they can do on the web, let alone post a picture on Facebook. Word, Microsoft Office is an unfamiliar term. Technological dinosaurs are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. They can barely use spell check let alone operate the latest cell phone to access email. And access to email, wow, let’s not go there!

Take your business to the cloud!

I love showing a tech dinosaur how to operate tech tools, schedule, bill and go online and build an email list. There are so many ways a business can successfully deliver and capture value online. One example is the recent invasion of the bricks and clicks model, customers buying online and picking up their order at a local store. A brilliant use of the business model feature extension.

My favorite project to date was working with a client who had a product that they couldn’t make enough to meet demand. His desire was to teach others how to make the product. He created a DVD and put it up for sale on his website. He really did a great production. Visually produced a tutorial to show others how to make the product. This was the craze before YouTube and it sold thousands of copies.

What I do know is that the Internet is here to stay, but the important thing is that it can always be improved. No matter what your business model is, I have learned and seen how companies have harnessed the Internet and technology to learn, grow, and do business creatively. Perhaps you are not up to date with all the technological tools and do not consider yourself a technological dinosaur.

The same rules apply to your business, whether you operate offline or online channels. Take a minute and review the systems and areas in which you want your business to grow. Can you increase sales without overloading your distribution channels? Yes, everything can be controlled, solutions can be created to manage the business in many ways. Do you know a techno dinosaur? Give them my number, I am a specialist in creating a step-by-step map to the 21st century.

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