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Astral parasites

In this article, I will share some observations I made regarding negative entities or negative energies. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interact with these beings. I came to learn that they are essentially astral parasites. Although I don’t like the word astral, there seems to be no better word to refer to aspects of the multiverse. The most common astral parasites feed on your light. Some stick to your aura. They are easily removed with salt. Evolved astral parasites find sustenance in their misery, clinging to their fear, despair, anger, resentment, bitterness, etc. Note that they are not the same as the astral fauna.

Astral wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes, as does our own animal kingdom. Projectionists will often come across gargoyles. These shapeshifting subhuman creatures fear humans and are not a threat to us. For the most part, astral wildlife won’t bother us. They will not venture into our world without good reason. Regardless, it makes sense to leave them alone and stay out of their way. We have no reason to create problems with sentient beings from another world.

Astral parasites can be as innocuous as the fuzzy little creatures that stick to your fingers like mosquitoes. They do this because the light is concentrated in our hands. Astral parasites that possess intelligence comparable to ours are sometimes called “evil spirits” or “demons.” Much has been written about this class of astral parasite over the centuries. A lot of misinformation about its nature circulates. First, evil spirits are entities like any other sentient being in the infinite multiverse. They do not have special powers as ancient magical texts tell us. Sometimes these “demons” will play with ill-informed wizards to satisfy their needs. They do not steal souls or torture people; at least, not in the way that major religions like to represent them.

I can attest that evil emanates from these beings. It is unmistakable. If you experience it, you will know. I am not giving any meaning to the word evil. True evil is not the same as our perception of it. In a sense, evil is a characteristic of these creatures. It’s their nature; Just like each of us has our own unique characteristics.

Evil spirits can inhabit your immediate surroundings or they can share your body. Again, they are parasites. They can cause illness in your body and mind. If you have problems with these entities, it does not mean that there is a problem with you. Anyone may find themselves in this sad situation. Keep in mind that if you provide a hospitable environment for them, they will not leave.

I have had several personal experiences with these troublesome creatures. I initially tried to eliminate them by taking Epsom salt baths and placing glasses of sea salt in my house. This is not functional. Next, I tried to drive out the spirits by burning sage and using a banishing script. I used this method several times without success. These spirits are incredibly stubborn. I started yelling at them. I told them that I was in charge and that they should vacate the premises immediately. One night I was meditating in a dark room, when I suddenly felt a sensation that I would describe as an insect crawling under my left eye. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a scratch on it. That was the way the evil being expressed his disgust for my behavior. At this point, I realized that these parasites had no intention of leaving.

I learned that when you remove your attention from these rebellious energies, they lose power. Entities can remain inactive waiting for some poor soul to restore them. If your mood is stable and you are really excited, these creatures will not affect you. “Evil spirits” thrive on attention like most things in the multiverse. If you withhold your attention from the dark spirits, either they sit in their corner sulking or they will go on their way. Don’t show them fear. They have no power over us. Just ignore them. Fear encourages them. Focus on your life. I have read that what you focus on is what you will get. Think positive.

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