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Can I use an electric hot pot for fondue?

electric hot pot for fondue

The electric hot pot is a tabletop cooking appliance that keeps broth or another soup base at a high temperature so ingredients can be cooked and dipped into it. It’s typically placed in the center of the dining table where guests can cook their own ingredients to suit their personal tastes. It’s a great way to bring people together for a casual and fun dinner party. Unlike traditional Chinese hot pot, which is usually cooked in a clay pot over charcoal or gas, modern electric hot pot come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different households and cooking needs.

During a hot pot dinner, each person will prepare a plate of ingredients like thinly sliced meats or seafood and tofu that can be cooked in the simmering broth. Diners then take turns dipping the food into the broth. The experience can be as simple or elaborate as the diners desire, with each guest choosing their own broth, spices and herbs to create a unique meal.

The broth is made from either homemade or pre-packaged broth mixes sold at many grocery stores, as well as a variety of broth bases that include spicy Sichuan, clear chicken, mushroom and more. It’s best to prepare the broth at home in advance so it can simmer for a long period of time, bringing out all of its flavors. Some restaurants even provide a hot pot with pre-packaged broths to help the restaurant quickly turn around orders for hot pot.

Can I use an electric hot pot for fondue?

An electric hot pot comes with a cooking bowl that can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including noodles, fried rice, stir-fry and searing. Some models also feature a nonstick cooking insert that can be removed from the pot for easy cleaning. This type of pot is also great for steaming vegetables and making dumplings. Some electric hot pots also have extra features to make it more useful, such as a built-in handle and a spout that makes pouring liquids like boiling water or broth much easier.

The best electric hot pots will have more than one temperature setting, allowing you to adjust from a low simmer to a high boil or even sear and saute. Some will have a removable shallow pan to use as a steaming rack or to swap out with the deeper cooking bowl, while others combine all functions into one vessel.

Electric hot pots often come with divided pots or dual chambers, enabling the preparation of two different broths simultaneously. This is particularly useful for accommodating different taste preferences or dietary restrictions within a group. Additionally, some models offer non-stick coatings for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab test all kinds of appliances daily, from countertop cookers like fondue pots to larger stovetop and oven necessities. We tapped them to share their tips for shopping for the best electric hot pots, which are available in a range of capacities from six quarts that can feed a large family to two quarts that’s perfect for one or two people.


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