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Choosing the Right Gibbon Slackline

I recently spent some time looking at the slackline products Gibbon makes and wanted to share what I found. Being somewhat new to the sport, I ended up purchasing the Classic. I’ve had it for several months and I’m very happy with my choice.

Gibbon makes several different slacklines. Its main product is the Classic. The other options are Jibline, Surfline and Funline. They are all 2″ wide, but some vary in the type of strap material which makes them more or less flexible. They sell 1″ straps, but a lot of people prefer the 2″ strap and I think it’s definitely a bit easier to balance us.

After seeing their different slacklines and owning one myself, I can recommend going with the Classic. It really is their main product, the most basic and at the best price.

It comes in a length of 49 feet or 82 feet. I went with the 49 foot length and didn’t find I needed it any longer. If it’s shorter, it’s a little easier to balance. You can make any length as short as you like with the ratcheting mechanism.

The Classic can be used by both beginners and experienced. It’s very strong and like I said, pretty easy to set up. You can even use it for skateboarding or snowboarding as a portable rail slide. It comes in two colors, red or yellow, with the Gibbon logo.

The Funline is very similar to the Classic. Really, the only differences are the color and the length. It is blue with some bright images and is 40 feet long. Since it’s more expensive but shorter, it’s not as great a value, unless you really want blue.

The Jibline is made of a more elastic and bouncy webbing, but it is still quite strong. This webbing makes it more dynamic, like a springboard, and allows you to do more tricks by jumping on it. It is grey, yellow and black in color and comes in a length of 49 feet.

If you are new to slacklining, the Jibline can be a bit more difficult to balance and you will be very busy learning the basics of the Classic. The Classic is bouncy enough to do a few jumps.

The Surfline is very similar to the Jibline, with a more dynamic and elastic net. It is 100 feet long and its longest line. It has a longer handle on the ratchet, to allow you to get enough tension on the line. The longer the line, the harder it is to get enough tension, but this ratchet is up to the job. Its color is purple.

I can definitely recommend going with the Classic if you are just starting out. It will keep you busy for a long time and you won’t be disappointed.

I hope this overview of Gibbon Slacklines has been helpful and you will give the sport a try. It’s a lot of fun and it’s something you can take with you almost anywhere. Let the loosening begin.

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