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Cufflinks as part of women’s attire

Cufflinks are generally known as classic men’s accessories. That’s mainly because we’re used to seeing cufflinks on men’s dress shirts, along with the dinner jacket or sports jacket, business suit, and of course the tuxedo. And it’s been that way ever since, so it’s pretty understandable why many assume they’re for men only.

But there really are no such rules. The cufflinks are designed to be worn with long-sleeved dress shirts, either with French cuffs or simply with buttonholes. Therefore, women who wear it can also naturally wear the same accessory. This practice may not be as common as men’s, but the thing is, twins are no longer exclusively male. Women can wear cufflinks just like men, but more as complements to their formal professional or business appeal.

Cufflinks look great with women’s formal corporate wear: a long-sleeved blouse with or without blazers, paired with office pants or skirt. By the way, some women’s blouses are designed with double hole or folded cuffs at the end of the sleeves. They may not be as thick as men’s dress shirts, but they serve the same purpose.

For women wearing cufflinks, the same general rules apply as for men. First of all, classic cufflinks are best for formal wear, even in the business setting. There is also a wide range of materials and designs for classic cufflinks, but they don’t have to be expensive. Actually, you don’t need to wear diamond encrusted cufflinks. There are cufflinks of modest design – the simpler, the better. You won’t go wrong with conservative twins. As for the colors, you can choose the same colors as the men’s. But women now have the freedom to wear colors like fuchsia, pink, lavender, and others that typical men wouldn’t dare to. Of course, in all of this there are obviously feminine cufflink designs now available. Generally, you can tell the difference between a man’s and a woman’s twins.

Just be sure to match the cufflinks with other women’s accessories, like a wristwatch, necklace, or even earrings. The dominant color of the cufflinks should match well with the colors of other accessories, that is, silver cufflinks if you wear silver jewelry and gold cufflinks alternately if you have gold jewelry.

Besides, you can also match the color of your cufflinks with the color of your suit. A white blouse can fit any color accessory, but a light blue one will probably suit a neutral color like silver, black, or a different shade of the same color (like dark blue or navy), rather than red or yellow. .

There is a new trend in women’s ties as one more accessory to attract professionals. If you wear that too, you should also consider whether the cufflinks match your tie color and design.

When it comes to cufflink designs, many cufflinks are now explicitly “feminine.” Many twins can be considered unisex, but now there are fabulous pairs designed for women. You can easily find them in jewelry stores both online and offline.

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