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Cupid’s biggest mistake? spiritual kicks in the butt to a broken heart

I heard last week that you are trying your best to meet your soulmate and yet it seems that Cupid has fallen off your radar. Please don’t give up!

– Have you suffered a broken heart?

– Does asking for what you want in a relationship make you uncomfortable?

– Are you craving a daily dose of feeling full of love?

– Do you wonder if exquisitely true love only exists in fairy tales?

I believe that everyone has a special partner who wants to share their life with you.

The biggest mistake I see people make is that they shut down their emotions.

It is common for my most heartbroken clients to say that they feel nothing in their hearts and that they are numb.

Numbness is a sign that you have a deep reservoir of emotions below the surface that need to be released so they can heal.

When you repress your emotions, deny them, pretend they don’t exist; you create more pain and blockages on an energetic level than you can imagine.

How do I know this?

I see it on a psychic level of consciousness and you can see it (read chapter 8 of Unleash the psychic in you).

Do you know what happens when you ignore the needs of your soul?

Your higher self (the wise counselor within) will kick your ass in every area of ​​your life. You will think that other people are causing you pain; however, as you become more aware, it can be an uncomfortable but liberating experience to see that you created this reality for yourself. Therefore, my spirit guides use the term “kick spiritual butt.”

You are destined to experience a life full of love. When you overcome the fear of feeling pain, it will be replaced by a deep healing in your heart that will surround your aura of love, making you magnetic for true love.

You get to be your own Cupid. How cool is that!

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