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Do Maui Fire Lawyers Offer Contingency Fee Arrangements?

Maui Fire Lawyers Offer

Maui fire lawyers are preparing to sue Hawaiian Electric for negligence that caused wildfires in the ocean-side town of Lahaina. The lawsuits claim that the company ignored forecasts from the National Weather Service and did not de-energize power lines in the face of high winds and fire warnings. The lawsuits seek compensation for wrongful death, severe personal injury and property loss. They are also seeking unspecified civil penalties for the damage caused to public properties, including roads, water sources and sewage treatment plants.

The lawsuits by the Maui fire lawyers and other residents allege that Hawaiian Electric knew of fire risks in the past and put cost-cutting ahead of consumer safety. They also point to documents submitted by HEI to public utility officials showing that the company knew downed power lines could ignite vegetation under them, and yet did not invest in improving its equipment or wildfire prevention.

Those familiar with California wildfires may remember big law firms flooding Santa Rosa, Napa and Butte counties, signing up fire victims by the thousands to sue utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric for igniting catastrophic wildfires. Now, those same law firms are landing on Maui and attempting to sign up clients for similar suits against the island’s power supplier.

Do Maui Fire Lawyers Offer Contingency Fee Arrangements?

One of the issues in these cases is whether Hawaiian Electric qualifies as a quasi-governmental body. If it does, it would allow plaintiffs to use a legal tactic that allowed PG&E’s victims to secure billions in damages without needing to prove negligence.

Most law firms offering Maui fire lawsuits will offer a contingency fee arrangement, which is the most common way for a lawyer to charge for his or her services. This type of contract requires the client to pay a portion of the total costs of the case in exchange for the right to receive a percentage of the award if the case is successful.

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The amount of the fee will vary depending on the firm, the complexity of the case and the likelihood of a successful outcome. Typically, the fee will be in the 33 1/3% to 40% range. The client will still have to pay any other out-of-pocket expenses, such as expert witness fees, court filing fees and special courier charges.

Businesses suffering from Hawaii wildfire losses should engage experienced policyholder coverage counsel to maximize their potential insurance recovery. A seasoned insurance recovery lawyer can assist with policy analysis, claim assessment and litigation in conjunction with broker teams to recover as much as possible from insurers. In addition, a policyholder coverage attorney can help with any insurance claim disputes that arise.


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