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Drinking chamomile tea benefits your health: 9 reasons to grow chamomile in your herb garden

Growing chamomile tea will not only benefit your health, it will appeal to your senses. The scent of the tiny daisy-like flowers of the chamomile plant smell like fresh-cut apples. Chamomile should be a part of every basic herb garden. It is a hardy annual plant that adds beauty, attracts bees and butterflies due to the sweet fragrance given off by the flowers, and makes a sweet and flavorful tea. This is one of the joys of growing herbs.

One of the safest and gentlest herbs, chamomile has been used medicinally for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used the ground flowers for drinking to fight colds, calm nerves, and soothe skin irritations.

Modern science is now showing that ancient cultures knew what they were talking about. Here are nine reasons why you should consider growing chamomile as part of your basic herb garden:

  • Chamomile has proven antibacterial properties that boost the immune system. It can be used in vapor form for respiratory illnesses such as hay fever, sinus infections, and asthma.
  • It has been used to decrease inflammation. Unsweetened tea is used on the skin to combat acne, skin irritations, and bee stings.
  • Chamomile has been shown to have muscle-relaxing properties. Taken as a tea, it helps with menstrual cramps and sore muscles. It can also be used in a bath, to decrease muscle pain and improve skin irritations. The sweet aroma of the bath water will also brighten your mood.
  • Chamomile, when made into tea, is known for its calming effect and is often taken before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep.

More drinking and growing camomile tea benefits your health

  • New research studies show that the tiny daisy-like flowers may have a chemical that will decrease the complications of type 2 diabetes. This chemical has an effect that increases the ability of cells to allow sorbitol to pass through the cellular wall. In type 2 diabetes, sorbitol accumulates outside the nerve cells and the eyes, causing pain and blindness.
  • A cup of chamomile tea to rinse hair after washing will bring out the golden highlights in brown or dark blonde hair.
  • If you are an avid gardener and start your plants indoors, chamomile tea sprinkled on your plants will prevent the seedlings from developing any type of fungus.
  • Chamomile tea, used in compost, is believed to increase the level of calcium in the soil.
  • Chamomile is safe for babies and is often made into a lukewarm tea to relieve gas pains and soothe baby’s teething.

There is nothing more relaxing and appealing to the senses than experiencing chamomile tea made with flowers from your own garden. I drink dried loose leaf chamomile tea in the winter. But, in the summer, taking the time to go out and pick the flowers and smell the sweet scent relaxes me. While I wait for the tea to steep, I experience the refreshing aroma of freshly cut apples. As I taste my garden tea, it is a slightly sweet taste that I feel does not need any added sweetener. I know that when I use dry loose leaf chamomile tea, I often use a little honey or a touch of apple juice.

Drinking and growing chamomile tea benefits not only your health, but also your senses. The addition of this plant will also benefit your garden. I hope you choose to make this herb a part of your staple herb garden year after year.

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