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Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend Disposable Strains Review

Heavy Hitter Blend Disposable Strains Review

The new product line by Flying Monkey Vapor cigarettes is called the Flying Monkey Vape Strains. This product line contains three flavors: Punisher, Crusher and the Madcap. Each of these flavors is made from herbal ingredients, most of which are made from North America. Some of the flavors also contain a combination of other exotic ingredients. Below is a detailed review on the four strains offered in the Flying Monkey Vape Strains.

Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend Disposable

Punisher is a powerful, intense flavor that will certainly turn off those who do not appreciate an extra kick. With a touch of a button, this strain produces a strong hit of nicotine. This e-liquid strain contains an ingredient called cannabinol which is a trademark of the Flying Monkey Company. This is a patented ingredient. This flavor can be used for both tobacco and non-tobacco products.

Crusher is a relaxing, all day blend that is perfect for the morning or evening. It is very sweet and has hints of chocolate. With this e-liquid strain you can definitely get a head start on your day. There are also multiple flavors available in this strain. The majority of the flavors are also very affordable, making them great for the collector.

Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend Disposable Strains Review

Madcap is a very intense and fruity e-liquid that will keep you coming back for more. It also contains traces of pheromones and is extremely spicy. With a single pull of the cord, it instantly creates a cloud of vapor that will start your taste buds on fire. If you are looking for a throat hit, this is a great strain to choose. It is available at most of the online retailers that sell vapor equipment.

A variety of different Vape MacBook Rigs are also available. You can choose from an original black, brown, red, and blue color. They also offer limited amounts of each strains and flavors. All of these different styles are quite unique. No two will ever look exactly alike, but some of them are definitely fun to smoke.

For more information, check out the official website for the Flying Monkey Vape. They have a great selection of products for you to choose from, along with customer service. You can also purchase a bottle of the product for yourself if you would like. The website also sells several different items that are produced by the company, including several items that are not made by them, but are also quality products. Anyone who is interested in purchasing these strains should definitely take a look.


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