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Green Bay Packer Memorabilia – Sports Art

Green Bay Packer memorabilia is a must have for any sports enthusiast. The Green Bay Packers have one of the most storied stories in the entire NFL. A mere mention of the Packers brings up images of die-hard fans and legends of the sport playing infamous games that fans still love to reminisce about today. I think it would be a rare occasion to go somewhere in WI and not see the famous “G” logo on clothing, hanging from bags or key chains – even the license plates have the green and gold on them!

Packers art is everywhere!

Sports bars and restaurants are commonplace in every corner of America now and it’s not unusual to see Green Bay Packers art on the walls of these establishments, even outside of WI. I remember on a trip to CA our family was in the lounge at the Los Angeles airport having a soda and looking at a beautiful Ray Nitschke artwork by sports artist Andy Goralski on the wall. Visit sports bars and restaurants from FL to CA and you’ll find Packers fans in every state. The far-reaching effects of this beloved team on the general public is a testament to the rich history and respect fans have for their beloved Green Bay Packers.

Invest in sports art

Sports art has become big business for many collectors. The secondary market can produce a good performance in sports art. Whether it’s just the athlete’s signature or a combination of the artist and athlete’s signature, the profits from resale at the right time can be very lucrative. Naturally, a print that has sold out commands the highest prices. I know a man who bought a few extra copies, kept them for a while and resold them on the secondary market and used that money to take his family on a nice vacation!

WI Sports Artists

Andy Goralski is probably one of the Packers’ best-known sports artists. His works of him are seen all over the state and all over the nation! He has painted some of the Green Bay Packers greats including Vince Lombardi, Brett Farve, Reggie White, Ray Nitschke, LeRoy Butler, Bart Starr, Robert Brooks and now his new work ‘From Leather to Legendary’. You may have seen Andy Goralski as a featured artist at the Channel 10/36 auction over the years. If he attends any fundraisers, it is likely that he has seen his work at those auctions as well. Sports artist Andy Goralski has recently released his new painting of the original Acme Packers complete with their leather head helmets and the newly renovated legendary Lambeau Field directly behind Curly Lambeau’s Acme Packer’s. Check out the new print of him at

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