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Guide to living in Leeds

Tesco Supermarket

Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK, also known as Tesco in China. The stores are located in the streets of Leeds, and there are various sizes of supermarkets. Their prices are very affordable and geared towards the general public, making them the most used supermarket.


Located in the city center, Sainsbury’s is the oldest supermarket chain in the UK, established in 1869, with orange as their representative color.


Morrisons is located near The Merrion Centre shopping center, its prices are very cheap, very high cost performance, more choices, especially fish and meat, you can buy some other supermarkets can not buy meat, such as pork feet, pork heart, pork loin, pork skin and lamb loin and so on. The variety of vegetables is also relatively complete, while the variety of fruits is not particularly large and the quality of fruits and vegetables is not particularly fresh, in addition to a wide variety of ice cream and desserts. According to my friend who used to work there, many people come to the supermarket every day before it closes, and within a few minutes, all the half-price foods that expired on the shelves that day are swept away.

Main restaurants

Home Chinese Restaurant

A very good value for money Chinese restaurant near Leeds University, with a price per capita of £12, very suitable for students. Many Chinese students choose this place, often full, it is best to make a reservation in advance, otherwise the wait will be very long. The aunts and uncles are very friendly and the service is superb, highly recommended to Leeds student accommodation!


RED CHILLI is located in the bustling Millennium Square in Leeds, next to the Leeds Town Hall and Museum. Affectionately known as “”Little Chilli”” by local students, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, mainly Beijing and Sichuan cuisine, and is very popular among Chinese and locals in Leeds. We highly recommend their five spice beef, which tastes like home cooked food and is very tasty!

Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant (湘味王)

This restaurant specializes in Hunan cuisine, the owner is a native of Changsha, Hunan, 17 years old has been in charge of the spoon, in the country as a chef of Hunan cuisine for more than a decade, the quality of the dishes is undoubtedly. In addition to Hunan stir-fry and steamed dishes, there are also grilled fish, buffet hot pot and spicy hot pot, with a variety of dishes that will surely make you feel the deliciousness of your hometown in a foreign country!

Second, the line

Internal transportation

Public transportation

Leeds city buses run in a circular pattern in the city center area, every 6-7 minutes, some of them are slow, and it usually takes about half an hour to an hour to miss them. Many routes run to Parkinson and the Business School student accommodation in Leeds, and between the various centers, so you can basically get a bus from the university to the various dormitories and downtown areas, the train station, and all the places you frequent. You can also buy a one-day pass on the bus, which allows you to get on and off as you go. If you’re just walking from school to the halls of residence or the city center, you can walk to everything you see.


In the UK, you need to call ahead to book a taxi. It is convenient to book a car in advance to go to IKEA outside the city or to buy groceries at the supermarket. There are many cab companies in Leeds, such as AMBER, ACE and APOLLO, all of which are often used by students, and the prices are very affordable.


Uber is very easy to use in the UK, and you can use it with your bank card. As long as you enter the address you want to go to, even if you don’t speak a word of English, you don’t have to worry about it. The price is not high either.

External transportation

By plane

Leeds Bradford International Airport is just about 10 miles northwest of the city center. There are direct flights to domestic and European destinations, with international flights connecting through Manchester (about an hour’s train or bus ride out of Leeds). For students from China, the three main routes are: Beijing to London to Leeds, Beijing to Amsterdam to Leeds, and Hong Kong to London to Leeds. There is a regular bus service from the airport to the city (757) with a travel time of about 35 minutes. There are also many cabs at the airport.

Train Station

Leeds City Railway Station is located in the heart of the city and is one of the largest railway stations in the UK, with the third highest number of passengers in the UK. There are direct trains to all major cities and it takes about 2.5 hours to get to London. The exact train times can be found on National Rail. In addition, all international students in the UK will get a young person card, so it will be cheap if you book tickets in advance.


The major department stores and world famous fashion brand discount stores in Leeds are mainly concentrated in the city center.

Victoria Gate – the best shopping mall in the world

This high-end shopping center, jointly designed and developed by Hammerson Plc and the architectural firm Acme London, houses many big brands, including JOHN LEWIS, MAJE, CALVIN KLEIN, ANTHROPOLOGIE, HACKETT, TOMMY HILFIGER, etc. Many of the brand stores will be the only stores in the UK outside of London. The shopping center won the 2017 MIPIM Award for Best Shopping Center. Shopping at the Mall of the World, doesn’t it instantly feel like a high class!

Victoria Quarter – Fashion in a classic

Situated in the city center, it sells high-end brands, basically international brands and local British brands, can be found. Victoria Quarter is a bit old from the outside, a classic old Victorian building, but inside the magnificent, transparent printed glass roof, antique storefront, looks low-key and gorgeous, very charming. charm.

Trinity Leeds – Popular Choice

Trinity is a shopping center frequented by locals in Leeds, with a mix of shopping, cinema and restaurants, and is perfect for a weekend getaway. It has some of the UK’s most popular brands and is great for students!”

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