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How to arouse a man in bed – Make him beg for more sex with just you!

Unfortunately, most of the women I come across don’t know how to please a man in bed. They complain that the men they like tend to suddenly disappear after having sex. They never seem to be able to have a long-term relationship, everything seems to end in the short term.

The main reason behind this is that men do not enjoy sex. If you want a man to stay with you for the long term, then he has to love sex! It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, he will look for it elsewhere, believe me. I’ll help you out and tell you exactly what will turn a man on in the bedroom and he’ll have him coming back for more.

Listed below are three sure ways to arouse a man in the bedroom:

1. Play with his penis: Men love it when women play with their penis. They especially love it when women suck on their penis. Many women are put off by giving blowjobs, but you should know that it is something that drives men crazy! In fact, some surveys show that some men prefer oral sex to intercourse. You should give him blowjobs and handjobs all the time.

2. Riding on his penis like a roller coaster: Men love it when women ride on their penis. They get especially excited when a woman takes charge. They don’t want to have to do all the work. So when you’re up, move, go up and down like a roller coaster. Keep it interesting and fun. Vary your movements and don’t make it predictable. He will be over the moon!

3. Give him your butt: Many men love to have sex from behind, that’s well known. However, most men will be shy to initiate it. So why don’t you surprise him and take the initiative? Give him your ass and tell him to have sex with you from behind. You will love it!

Above was a snippet of how to arouse a man in bed! He will be so excited that he will beg to have more sex with you.

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