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How to break up with your sugar baby

This is delicate, because it is not easy anyway to break a relationship, be it a real life or a sweet one. You’d think it’s easy to break up a sugary relationship since it is, by definition, an arrangement, meaning no strings attached. And that course is understood from the beginning of the relationship.

Via email?

Typically, you could say via email or text, “Hi, I’m sorry honey, this deal isn’t working for me anymore so I need to break it.” Or you could say you’re back with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend. All of the above happened to me personally, when the SBs I was watching at the time found another SD, or just decided to get out of the sugar life. Other times, my emails and texts were totally ignored, even when the arrangement part, as well as the sexual part of the relationship, was going great. Ignoring is the worst way to end, of course most human beings need some kind of closure, good or bad, especially if a relationship has lasted 6 months or more.

But of course, in this age of texting and Facebook, it’s very easy to start a relationship, but also to break it in an instant. So the technology is great, but not in this case.

I usually like to break up in person or over the phone, especially if it was a long-term relationship. I feel like one needs to give at least some kind of respect, even if that’s getting old-fashioned. hmm i guess i am old fashioned…

But in person?

And, before I wrap up, one more thing I learned from one of my former mentors: if the relationship has lasted a long time, say 6 months or more, it makes perfect sense to break it off in person, and give the SB a generous gift to share.

This way, they leave as friends and it also has the added benefit that if she’s the type to seek revenge or blackmail, this parting gift may soften her stance or cause her to reconsider altogether.

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