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How to recharge international dialing accounts

International dialing services now offer a wide range of top-up options, so if you’re thinking of signing up for a service but are worried about the logistics of adding money to your account, you can relax. Prepaid international dialing services often offer great low rates on calls, and companies want you to top them up. As a result, many of these calling services have made it exceptionally easy for the customer to top up their account. Here are some of the ways new international dialing services bring convenience to calls.


debit credit card – Secure online payment systems like ePayments allow you to recharge your international dialing service online with a debit or credit card.

PayPal – Some international calling services allow you to pay online through PayPal. Sign up with PayPal. Membership is free and you can recharge your international dialing service directly from your bank account. Check for restrictions if you also intend to receive money via PayPal.

moneybookers – Moneybookers is another safe and secure online payment system used by many calling services for customer payments. Moneybookers claims to be transparent, so if you have any queries about possible charges, you can access all the details online before you sign up to top up your calling account.


The great news for those of you who don’t like to deal with cards or credit is that you can top up your international calling service with cash!

Payment area -There are 30,000 Payzone outlets across the UK and 170,000 in Europe. Top up your international calling account with cash at one of these points of sale. Just look for the pink and blue Payzone logo when you need to top up with cash.

recharge by phone – Some international dialing services allow you to call an access number and recharge directly from your phone using a debit or credit card.

These are just a few of the many ways consumers can add money to their low-cost international dialing services. Whether you want to top up your account online or offline, it’s easy to stay connected and secure, while saving money on all your calls.

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