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In love with your best friend’s husband

How will you feel when you find out that your best friend’s spouse has a crush on you? That will be very difficult to reveal to your best friend for fear of a break in friendship.

If your friend’s spouse admires you and makes sexual advances to tempt you, it can be described as a lusty feeling and not real love. Your friend’s spouse may be suffering from sexual lust, but that shouldn’t be your muzzle-flexing territory. That’s someone’s property, so he doesn’t have to trespass it. It is prudent that you flee from this temptation to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your friend.

Especially if you remember the thoughts and emotions you shared with your friend, you may not like to lose them. A friend in death is a friend in need, but love is always blind. Sometimes people behave irrationally, out of love. However, it is not wrong to love, but it is wrong to have an intimate sexual relationship with your friend’s spouse. If that happens, the trust and respect that existed between you and your friend erodes and is replaced by hatred, suspicion, and rupture. You also have to remember that when you throw a ball at the wall, it bounces back.

There are many ways to avoid this temptation.

Do not visit your friend’s house while they are away. In this case, always make sure to visit your friend when you invite him, and not your spouse. Remember that your spouse is not your best friend.

If you want to call your friend, always call his mobile and not his landline.

When you talk to your friend, don’t discuss anything about your spouse. Any time such a topic comes up, please avoid it. As much as you show interest in discussing issues concerning your spouse, this could arouse your passion to give in to temptation.

Every time your friend’s spouse invites you to lunch, try as much as possible to dishonor that invitation with tangible and polite excuses to avoid hurting him. And if you wish to honor such an invitation, please make a kind request to attend with your significant other. If you don’t have a partner, your family member may be the best substitute. And you have to reveal this information to them so they can protect you.

Remember that your friend’s spouse is more or less your friend and not your enemy. Therefore, he must not do anything to hurt them, he must be cautious and polite when dealing with them; especially when they try to tempt you with sexual advances. The level of intimacy between you and your friend’s spouse should be casual.

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