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Keyboard lessons at home – Teach your children to read music

Parents can prepare their young child to read music with prior piano or keyboard lessons at home. It’s easy to teach young children the basics of the keyboard that will prepare them for piano lessons.

Parents who don’t play the piano or read music often believe they are unqualified to help their young children get a musical edge at home. Is not true. Everyone who learns to play the piano or the keyboard learns the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 years old, 40 years old or 64 years old. Children, however, benefit most from keyboard lessons because their brains are wired to absorb language, and that includes the language of music.

By teaching your young children pre-musical skills at home, they’ll get even more out of piano lessons when they’re ready for formal music training. Piano or keyboard lessons have many benefits for children, such as improving reading and math skills, improving language skills, and improving overall educational performance. So don’t leave music out of the picture when you’re getting your young child ready for school. Get a keyboard or piano that your child can feel comfortable with and experiment with. Start by helping them identify the names of the white keys on the piano. C, D and E are the white keys that surround the groups of 2 black keys. C is to the left of 2-Black Keys, D is in the middle of 2-Black Keys. E is to the right of 2-Black Keys. Help your child locate all the groups of 2-Black Keys. Then ask them to find all the C’s on the piano. Then all the Ds, and finally all the Es. You’ll notice that all the Cs, for example, sound the same. Help your child find the highest C on the piano and the lowest C. You can now start playing ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ on the piano. Use the top 3 fingers of the right hand first (index, middle and ring fingers). Three fingers for three keys makes it simple.

E,D,C,D,EEE—- D,D,D—- EEE—– E,D,C,D,EEE—- D,D,E,D,C —-

Just as parents teach their children to read, you can give your young child a head start on the piano. Get started today and you’ll be amazed at how much you and your young child can learn about the piano.

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