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Lage Landen Financial Services

DeLage Landen Financial Services, Inc. (DLL) is currently involved in several lawsuits filed in the courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania. If you are the victim of one of these DeLage Landen lawsuits, there are a few things you should be aware of regarding DeLage Landen’s business practices and how they relate to the lawsuits filed.

DLL is a “lease finance” company based in Wayne, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Typically, in a leasing arrangement, the lessee, usually a small business or non-profit organization, contacts a local vendor to lease equipment, whether it be an office copier or medical equipment, and the vendor then shows the tenant the equipment and describes its features. When the lessee decides they are interested in purchasing the equipment, the seller uses the lessee’s credit score and credit rating to obtain financing, in this case from DeLage Landen Financial Services. This is not “financing” in the strictest sense of the word, as DLL purchases the equipment and immediately leases it to the lessee. The problem is that many times the tenant does not realize that he is not dealing solely with the seller. In fact, it is possible that the DLL uses the fake name of a different finance company which can be very similar to the seller and the DLL name does not appear anywhere in the lease documents signed by the tenant, it is actually quite common . in the financial leasing industry.

When a business or non-profit organization is sued by DLL for non-payment, it may be the first time you know your contract is with DLL. Many of the companies sued by DLL are not based in the state of Pennsylvania, have never done business in Pennsylvania, and have never transacted with a Pennsylvania entity. They are surprised to learn that they can be sued in Chester Common Pleas Court, usually because of the “floating jurisdiction clause” that is often found in the lease. While these clauses have routinely been upheld by judges in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, it is possible, depending on the lease, that the Pennsylvania courts may dismiss the case.

Lawsuits brought by DeLage Landen Financial Services in Chester County Common Pleas Court are generally based on Breach of Contract, Conversion, Repossession, also known as claim and surrender, a way for a person or business to recover property illegally held from its possession, and various other claims. If you have been sued by DeLage Landen Financial Services, Inc. in Chester County Common Pleas Court, it is important that you speak with an attorney who has experience defending these lawsuits. The leases used by DeLage Landen Financial Services, Inc. are generally structured in a way that is favorable to DLL; There are still viable defenses that can be used, including claims against the vendor who helped structure the transaction.

If you are involved in a lawsuit brought by DeLage Landon Financial Services, Inc., contact a competent Chester County attorney to discuss the facts of your case and prepare a defense against the claims you face.

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