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Learning to Reject Bait When Renting in Loughborough

When Renting in Loughborough

As a student, you may feel like a target when it comes to finding affordable housing. The reality is that you’re not alone, as some landlords are targeting students with false advertising, misleading contracts and even discriminatory practices. Learn to reject bait when renting in Loughborough, and you could find the best deal around.

Loughborough student accommodation has a bustling town centre packed with popular restaurants, takeaways and cafes to suit all tastes. Its university campus is just a short bus ride away, with well-organised transport links to get you anywhere in the town quickly and easily. In the evening, Wards End Road and Granby Street are brimming with student-friendly bars while local independent shops like Carillion Shopping Centre and Derby Square offer a more laid back option for some retail therapy.

With a high-ranking university, thriving town centre and fantastic student union, there’s no doubt why Loughborough is one of the top UK destinations for students. Whether you’re looking for a new place to stay in the heart of the action or prefer something quieter, there are plenty of premium student homes in Loughborough to choose from with StuRents.

Learning to Reject Bait When Renting in Loughborough

Many properties in the Loughborough student accommodation area are advertised as having bills included, meaning that you’ll have electricity, gas and water all covered within your rent. However, some properties are advertised as having bills excluded, allowing you to choose your own energy supplier and give you flexibility when it comes to your monthly budget.

When it comes to selecting a house to live in, there’s a lot to consider, including the location and whether it’s within your price range. But there’s also the question of the person you’re living with.

First and foremost, accommodation plays a vital role in a student’s ability to focus on their studies. A peaceful and quiet environment is essential for effective learning. Students need a place where they can concentrate on their coursework, complete assignments, and prepare for exams without unnecessary distractions. A suitable accommodation option should provide a space conducive to academic success.

For some people, their living situation can be a big source of anxiety and discomfort, especially if they have disabilities. Often, landlords are not willing to accommodate these needs and can treat them as a nuisance, which can lead to serious issues.

Despite these concerns, there are still landlords out there who can be accommodating and provide a safe environment for tenants with disabilities. However, it’s important to do your research and find a good landlord who is aware of the needs of their tenants. The best way to do this is by taking the time to meet with potential landlords in person and confirming their identity, and by reading online reviews and testimonials from past tenants.


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