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My Review of the Maakoa MLM Opportunity

The question here everyone wants to know is: What the heck is Maakoa anyway? Maakoa is another MLM company that has created another health and wellness product. The product is a vitamin-enriched juice known as Koopuwa. Koopuwa is said to naturally regulate cholesterol, boost the immune system, and promote healthy skin and hair. It is also said to be excellent for increasing energy and stamina.

Maakoa also offers weight management products and Mx3P extreme performance protein powders. Maakoa’s compensation plan pays in 7 ways, including: Retail and Preferred Customer Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Team Commissions, Leadership Bonus Pool, Autoship Order Rebates, Team Building Bonuses, and leadership matching. From my point of view, the compensation plan seems to be very rewarding.

This looks like a great company and product line. Here are some names from the team lineup for you if you’d like to dig further: The President and CEO is a gentleman named Bruce Davis, the Vice President of Operations is David Simpson, and the Vice President of Sales is Todd Kirkpatrick. All names, phone numbers, and other contact information are available on the company’s website.

Now what I’d like to talk about is how you can achieve great levels of success with the Maakoa opportunity. It’s a proven fact that 97% of everyone who gets into the network marketing industry fails and I’m going to tell you why before you become a statistic. Let me ask you a question first. Do you like sales people? Answer honestly! I know not! No one does! So how do you think you’ll do trying to sell everyone on your Maakoa opportunity?

not very well right? You see, smart marketers don’t promote their main business opportunity up front. It’s like asking someone to marry you 5 minutes after meeting them! It won’t happen my friend! If someone asked me to marry them before I met them, he’d run out of outer space screaming like a mad dog! That’s exactly how everyone feels about pushy salespeople. The fact is, people don’t like to be sold to BUT they don’t mind buying from someone they trust.

In essence, you need to date your prospects for a while before asking them to marry you. This is where a little thing called value and funded proposition comes into play in the wonderful world of network marketing. With this approach, you can build trust with your prospect while funding your promotional efforts. It really is a beautiful thing. I like to call it prospecting sex! It is the only way to build a successful internet network marketing business.

I’m sure you, as a network marketer, would like to understand a little better what I’m talking about here, but I can’t lump it all together in this little article. I offer free training to all students in this industry for a reason. To help prevent them from becoming a victim of failure like the 97% in the network marketing industry. I for one think that percentage is too high! It is true that not everyone will be successful and for good reason. You’ll still need someone to wash your car when you’re rich! Good?


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