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Profitable Content Creation: Stop Getting Writer’s Block and Start Using Templates (Right Now!)

Creating profitable content is one of the foundational skills you must have to be massively successful online.

And you’re reading this article because you want massive online success, right?

The challenge for many online entrepreneurs is this annoying little thing called writer’s block. One of my goals here is to get over that nasty writer’s block now and forever.

Stop getting bogged down by writer’s block

Have you ever had a speaker lock?

Have you ever had blocker to eat?

Those are dumb questions, right?

The correct answer is yes, they are dumb questions.

So why get a writer’s block?

Here are two really cool ways to banish writer’s block now and forever:

1) Write often – writes a lot. When you write often, when you create content often on a regular basis, you get into an emotion and flow that keeps you going no matter what.

2) Keep a running list of content ideas – when you keep a running list of content ideas, if you get stuck on one, move on to the next, and so on. This way you won’t get stuck because the ideas will just flow.

Get started with content creation templates

In a minute, I’ll give you one of my most powerful content creation templates.

But first let’s talk about the power of using templates. Some people think that using templates will somehow stifle their creativity.

The reality is quite the opposite. Studies show that using templates actually increases your creativity.

For example, the same article you are reading is created from a template. This is called the “Stop That – Start This” template.

These are the 3 easy steps for this template:

Step 1: choose a topic in your niche – Better to choose one where there is a desired behavior or outcome, with something getting in the way.

Step 2 – Name what to stop doing – This may be a commonly accepted behavior or limitation. Please indicate why it is necessary to stop it and how. It helps if you can mention the positive intention of the behavior (if any) and why this form does not work.

Step 3 – Name what to start doing – Now you name what to start doing instead. Help your potential customer start with the best behavior or action. Point out the clear benefits.

This way, you never have to worry about writer’s block again. Just use content creation templates to create your profitable content.

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