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Psychokinesis and other paranormal activities of adolescents

As a person who teaches about developing psychic abilities, I am often approached by teenagers and their parents from all over the world. Teenagers are often the source of many paranormal activities that can be considered psychic. This article is intended to explain some of these strange activities.

poltergeist phenomena

One of the most popular supernatural events that are related to the psychic powers of adolescents are the poltergeist phenomena. The word “poltergeist” comes from German, from two words to be more specific: polter, which means “noisy”, and “geist”, which means ghost. The name is perfect, since poltergeist is a ghost of noise. There are at least two theories for this phenomenon. One, that it is an incorporeal entity that uses a human agent to cause the movement of objects, noises and this type of thing; and second, that there is no entity at all, and everything is caused solely by human agency.

In both cases, the poltergeist is caused by emotional and psychological problems. And teenagers have a lot of these. Spontaneous psychokinesis as science often calls it. If there is ghost activity in your house and you have teenage children at the same time, this could be it. How to deal with this “problem”? The best thing you can do is visit a psychologist and deal with the source: emotional or psychological disorders.

This should put an end to poltergeist activity once and for all.

Other teen paranormal activity

Children and adolescents are naturally psychic, at least most of them. Psychokinesis is just one thing. They can see ghosts and spirits, and they can experience empathy – feeling the emotions of others as if they were their own. They can know things before they happen, they can experience precognitive dreams, sensing possible future events.

Experiencing these things is not physically dangerous, but emotionally, the adolescent may find it difficult to deal with, especially when he or she has other, more “normal” problems on a daily basis.

This creates many problems. Psychic abilities that develop naturally will not go away easily. The adolescent may need to learn control, read something about psychic development to find means either to shut down the abilities forever or to gain control over them and develop them further. Both methods are good.

The best way to help the teen experiencing a lot of paranormal and psychic things is to show them your understanding. And recommend some reading, get some books, find a psychic to talk to. Things often need to be understood before they can be dealt with.

I hope that helps.

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