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Sedu Hairstyles and Styling Procedures: Learn How to Style Your Hair Like Celebrities

Sedu is a brand of hair styling tools and straightening irons that provide smooth and elegant styles. It gives you a creative and beautiful look easily and quickly. These seductive looks are made famous by many movie actresses like Jennifer Ainston.

Sedu is so popular for its high-end technology in hair styling and styling. Here’s how it works: these sedu plates are capable of reaching maximum heat in a short time by omitting negative ions for your protection. They use special thin plates that give your hair a fizz-free look without breaking and snagging.

Types of sedu hairstyles:

There are mainly six face shapes that are considered when styling your hair. They are oblang, square, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, round and oval faces. Based on these shapes, you can choose which style best suits your face.

Based on these facial shapes, people from the sedu brand often suggest three hairstyles. The three styles are (i) casual and elegant, (ii) chic, (iii) the bun updo.

Here are the procedures for these sedu hairstyles:


– Start with conditioning shampoo on hair for at least two minutes. This helps smooth and flatten hair to prevent damage or drying out.

– Then add hair serum and styling gel which will make your hair shine and look straight. It also eliminates frizz for that silky look. Then blow dry your hair by pointing the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft.

– After drying your hair, keep the flat iron seductive by inserting a small two-inch section of hair through these plates sliding down from root to tip.

– The final and most important part of your hairstyle is to give your hair shine. Then you can use an iron and don’t brush it afterwards.


– Wash your hair with conditioner and leave it for about two minutes.

– Blow dry your hair by dividing it into two inches of hair and blow dry into half-inch pieces with a round brush.

– Hold for 4-6 seconds. Hold this round brush close to your scalp and brush your hair all the way.

– Use shine spray for hair and finish with shine serum. Hold them in your palms and brush your hair with your palms.


– Follow the stops of the above styles until your hair becomes nice and straight.

– Keep your help with a firming gel for your hair in a ponytail and stick it in the place of the ponytail. Next, spray the front and side of your hair with a firm hold spray.

– Finally, make a barrel curl in the rest of the ponytail hair with your index fingers. Secure it with pins and hairpins and finish it off with that way of holding hairspray at last.

NOTE: Use sedu on dry hair for best results. Using sedu on wet hair causes hair breakage and can cause permanent hair damage.

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