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Take back your personal power

As the year draws to a close, I find it helpful to review and assess if there are any psychic cords that would be best cut before the new year begins. In this way, the new year can be greeted with renewed energy. A psychic cord is an invisible energetic cable that connects a person to another person, living or dead, who has a toxic feeling. We are not victims of psychic cords, these occur when we do not protect and clear our energy field regularly. Just as cavities occur in the teeth if one does not brush and floss regularly.

Psychic cords occur when we knowingly or unknowingly give our sacred personal power to another person and allow it to invade our psyche. We can give and receive psychic cords. It is important to note that cutting the psychic cords does not mean cutting love. The love connection can remain, but any fear, anger, negativity, or judgment with another person is more beneficial to sever and release, regardless of whether they are held captive by you or psychically attractive to you.

Sometimes the cord can be very subtle and feel so familiar that the alien energy is hard to recognize. One can easily get used to feeling low on energy or depleted by another person’s energy in their psychic field (acting like a parasite or leech) if the cord is from an individual who is somewhat entangled in their field, such as close friends, family or colleagues. workers Also the cord is difficult to discern if the person who is psychically merged with you carries or vibrates at the same frequency level as one of your parents from your family of origin.

Not all psychic cords have malevolent intent. Most don’t. They have put on psychic cords with the intention of helping another. For example, a parent who is very controlling and worries a lot may psychically bond with his teen or adult child because he is afraid of losing him or worried about his safety. Another example of an involuntary connection is evident when a former lover connects a psychic cord to their former partner because he cares about them and cannot let go. However, while well-intentioned, the recipient of the cord ends up feeling compromised in the clarity of hearing their own inner guidance because someone else’s energy is in their field.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution to this psychic phenomenon. First of all, a person must want to be free of unhealthy string. A qualified psychic can help cut and remove the wires, or one person can do it themselves. Here’s a simple technique: Begin by being willing to still your mind and scan your energy field to see if you’ve taken on someone else’s fears, thoughts, or energies, or sent a cord to someone else. identifying where the feeling of constriction is. After doing this, it is helpful to visualize how big the cord feels and how dense it is. For example, does it feel like a huge thick metal cable or like a lightweight fabric strap? Once these details are established, imagine a huge pair of etheric scissors that are designed to cut through anything.

In your mind’s eye, cut the cord completely and simultaneously send the foreign energy back to its source. Then retrieve your own energy that you gave away and imagine pure white light entering the place where the cord resided on your body. Then see this light dissolving any residual energy from the other person. Complete this psychic cord cutting exercise by surrounding yourself with a bubble of protective white light, a type of psychic shell that lets love through but does not allow negative energy to enter your energy field.

Enjoy the feeling of your own pure and protected energy field. You are now ready to open to your clear inner guidance and move through life on your soul’s path with renewed energy.

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