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The advantages of Merrell shoes

Merrell shoes offer considerable advantages over standard trainers, with a host of technologies designed to deliver the highest possible performance, with the least weight, at a realistic price. Thoroughly tested over four seasons on tough New England terrain, Merrell is confident that his shoes give him the ultimate advantage for all off-road travel.

Merrell shoes are made from the inside out to ensure they provide the most comfortable fit. The shoes are wide at the toe so as not to cause foot cramps and have a tailored fit for men and women. Taking a gender-specific last based on an average foot as a model for the construction of the shoes, they add an insole and lining that matches the anatomy of the foot to provide excellent support and a secure, snug fit. The footbed is anatomically shaped for comfort, built by the world leader in insole design, Ortholite. The linings are highly breathable to offer great moisture management to keep feet perfectly cool and dry, with antimicrobial treatments to ensure that bacteria and fungi do not enter the shoes.

With the fit secured, Merrell turns his attention to cushioning and shock absorption. Running along the foot in the midsole places the Merrell Air Cushion, a highly responsive EVA foam construction to eliminate shock waves when walking, while providing a firm and comfortable base for stability. At the rear of the shoe, an EVA foot frame secures the heel and acts as a reinforcement for the shoes. With your heel prevented from slipping, you can always be sure of your balance. However, for the rigors of hiking and off-road hiking, additional reinforcements are added to the instep to add greater protection to both the shoe and the foot to punish rocky terrain.

The upper is built to keep everything in place, pulling the shoe closely to the foot for a firm and secure fit. Made with highly breathable fabrics, they promote air flow to the feet to maintain good temperature control and facilitate the release of steam to keep feet dry. To prevent external water from entering the shoes, many models offer a Gore-Tex lining for total waterproofing. Finally, Merrell developed a Vibram rubber tread pattern to provide exceptional off-road grip with a good balance of grip for traction and durability for long life.

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