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Tips for decorative concrete finishes

Since many home builders and renovators engage in unique trends for a great look, you may want to use the best concrete finish for your office or home. If you are a home builder, make sure you go for that little touch to impress your guests. In this article we are going to talk about different decorative concrete finishes so that you can make the best choice.

exposed aggregate

This type of finish is commonly used for its durability and elegant appearance. Basically, this finish is achieved by creating a mix of different sizes and colors of stones. It is then left exposed once a retarder is added to protect the surface. Finally, the top layer is removed for a natural look.

There are two types of exposed aggregates

Seeded – If you are concerned about how your aggregate looks, you can choose a seeded aggregate option. This process requires the addition of the aggregate to the concrete after it has been placed. Apart from this, it can allow you to add sparkling stones or feature stones to further perfect the decoration.

Standard: This is a common finish and allows you to first mix the aggregate into the cement. Thus, it offers a natural and organic look for your home. But the problem is that it requires you to create a balance between the two elements for durability.

Fast, Flexible and Attractive

The good thing about polished aggregate is that it is quite common as a flooring material in pool areas and driveways. It is actually a combination of different materials and the process requires grinding the surface and polishing it with quality abrasives to get a flat and smooth surface.

So, you get a mosaic-like design that includes numerous colors and stones. The good thing about this choice is that it is quite versatile for both indoor and outdoor areas such as floors, walls, and countertops.


Polished concrete is an economical and sustainable finish. This is the reason why it is quite popular among home renovators and builders. You can get a sleek, refined look with the same appeal you can get with marble or granite. You can get this finish in many designs, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and interior floors. Therefore, versatility is a great benefit.

Cooler Outdoor Living

The good thing about these decorative finishes is that they are natural and affordable options for hot conditions. Apart from this, liquid limestone is quite popular with Australians for pool surrounds, outdoor seating areas and driveways.

Made from admixtures, limestone, and concrete, liquid limestone presents an attractive color that you can use for your home. Therefore, it can complement other areas of your house. Apart from this, you can further color, refine and texture it to get its natural look. And you don’t have to worry about weeds getting caught in the gaps.

In short, if you are looking for decorative concrete finishes, you can try the type of finishes listed in this article. I hope this helps.

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