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Tips for homeschoolers – Take a break

Taking a break can be very important to successful homeschooling. I’m not saying that you have to take a long summer or Christmas vacation several times a year, and I’m not saying that going to school all year is bad. I mean, you need to recognize when YOU and your kids need a break.

There are many ways to take a break so you can recharge and be ready to get back into the swing of things and your normal schedule.

  • Have a DAY WITHOUT SCHOOL – If you are a traditional homeschooler, and not an out of school student, you may want to have a NO SCHOOL day to break the norm. Tell your children that they can choose anything they want to work on and learn today. See where the day takes you. (Don’t worry, one day won’t break the schedule!) If you don’t go to school, maybe plan the day for the kids with worksheets and reading lists and see what happens.

  • Take an unplanned excursion – Do you feel that no one wants to go to school today? Take an unplanned excursion to a park, museum, library, and even the mall. Decide to walk, talk about whatever you want to talk about, stop and relax (and not think about the schedule). Go out to lunch. walk outside Go to the dog park and name the types of dogs. Look at nature and talk about trees. Just get out of the house and away from the day’s schedule and see how much more focused everyone is the next day.

  • Let the children teach – Tell the children that they don’t have to go to school today, but they need to learn. Ask them to teach you during the day. It’s silly, but everyone will have fun and both you and the kids will be amazed at how much you learn.

  • Have a game day – Spend the whole day playing board games, card games, and physical games. Get everyone to play even if it’s a game for young or old. Help the little ones by working in pairs. Make big sister suffer for Candyland. Everyone will have a blast playing games, taking turns choosing what’s next, and just spending time together.

  • Take dad lunch – Do you need to take a break from the routine and get out of the house? Bring Dad lunch to work. Find him in his dining room, at a park, or if that’s not feasible, find a nearby restaurant and take him there. He enjoys talking to Dad over lunch for a change. Maybe show the kids his office. The kids will like to see dad and even dad will enjoy the break!

  • Don’t be afraid to have a movie day – If you really need a total break. Head to your local library or movie store and rent some movies. Make some popcorn and curl up to watch some movies. They can be a mix of education and fun. Let each member of the family choose a movie. Movie day can be fun and educational.

  • take it outside – Even in the winter months, you can take time outside to enjoy the weather and take a break from school and housework. do you have snow Build a snowman or have a snowball fight (see yourself sneaking out of PE). Walk around the block and take in the beauty (name a few trees and you’ll have science). Just go outside and breathe in that rejuvenating air.

How do you take a break at your school?

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