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Top 5 Street Fighting Tips and Tricks

When it comes to street fighting, everything you’ve ever heard or seen is probably wrong. Most people have never been in a real street fight before, and those who have probably lost.

Most people’s ideas about street fighting come from movies and old overly romantic stories told by others.

Real street fights are fast, dirty and brutal. If you want to survive on the streets and feel confident that you can handle any situation, you should know some street fighting tips and tricks.

The #1 street fighting tip is more of a reality check than an actual trick or strategy, but it’s the most important lesson you can learn when it comes to street fighting. What is that lesson? The number 1 rule in street fighting is that there are no rules.

It amazes me how many people don’t understand this. It seems almost second nature to anyone who’s been involved in street fighting, and I often think it seems a bit basic. But I know from experience that I have to start with the basics. If I don’t, people who rely on me for good information may be hurt.

Now for the real meat and potatoes of this article:

Street Fighting Tips and Tricks:

Tip #1:
The first step in any street confrontation is to recognize that a fight is coming. This gives you an advantage so you can hit first.

Here are a couple of ways to tell when a fight is coming: your attacker pushes or pushes you, your attacker is yelling and arguing and then suddenly goes quiet, starts looking at your chin or some other target, or suddenly looks over another side. .

What about these signs so you can jump on it?

Tip #2:
The next step is to act first. Statistics show that the person who strikes first is more likely to win the street fight. It is crucial that this first strike is effective, aim for a high value target like the eyes, throat, groin, etc.

Tip #3:
Use a distraction technique to knock your attacker off guard. Throwing a drink container at his face, glass, beer, soda, water bottle, etc. If you don’t have a drink, leave some change on the floor.

This causes a natural reaction when looking down. If you don’t believe me try it on a friend, just don’t kick him in the snout when he looks down, he won’t be your friend anymore.

If you’re on a soft surface like carpet or dirt where the change won’t jingle to get his attention, throw it at his face.

Tip #4:
Don’t waste time trying to get that perfect joint lock or flying kick. keep it simple

Use simple street fighting techniques like straight punches, eye gouges, ear slaps, etc. These have a high success rate and are easy to perform under pressure (remember that the adrenaline rush slows your fine motor skills, but strengthens your body for simple, powerful movements).

Tip #5:
Do not stand still to admire your work. This will get you into a lot of trouble. You don’t want her friends to rush you and you certainly don’t want to give her the chance to find out what happened and come back for more.

Take out your attacker with a quick flurry of movement, and once you think they can no longer pose a threat, quickly and immediately leave the area. Never pause between blows or punches.

Using these simple street fighting tips and tricks will give you a solid foundation to start building a fighting system. These basics will keep you out of a lot of trouble, and best of all, you won’t have to figure it out through experience (figuring things out through experience can be painful, trust me).

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Stay smart and safe,
Bob Pierce

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