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Top Five Reasons to Own Pre-Developed Real Estate in a Down Market

Many investors are rushing to take advantage of great real estate deals with our current state of economic trends. With many foreclosures on the market and more arriving there every day. However, with all the great deals on the market, tons of profit can be made.

However, the biggest profits in history have come from farmers and landowners, and current regulations have not only changed the technology and location of these hidden profit centers. Land owners have always been the main centers of wealth. Farmers were some of the richest men in history not because of their hard work tilling the soil and planting crops, but because of the treasure hidden at their feet.

If you really think about it, the land has tons of hidden treasures depending on the area you are in. Precious metals, precious stones, oil, fertile land to grow crops, and untold treasures from history ended up buried in the sand or in the ocean. Imagine all the treasures hidden in the ground at the bottom of the sea. Anyway, as we begin to explain the reasons why you can already see the resources and values ​​in the land.

Below, we take a look at the top ten reasons to buy pre-developed land.

One: pre-developed land has more earning potential than any form of real estate. Pre-developed means just that. It is land that has been allocated for future development. This means that research has been done to ensure that the proper steps have been taken to ensure that all resources are available for future growth.

Two: Pre-developed land has the ability to accumulate profits (investment land banking), during the tenure period you watch the communities and cities around you grow. This is where the profits come from. When you buy pre-developed real estate and growth occurs from outside influences; This increases the value of your property due to two main factors. 1) growth increases value, supply becomes more limited as development occurs.

Three: Pre-developed land has several benefits that no other real estate can offer, the two T’s: no trash, no tenants, and no maintenance. If you weigh the benefits of owning types of real estate, this is the best reason for me as an investor. Sure there is no cash flow from the property unless you set up some creative ways to lease parts of the property.

Four: Pre-developed real estate is the strongest piece of your investment portfolio. With no loss of cash flow, you can stay in it for years and not have to worry about your investment wearing out. The longer you have the real estate property, the more profitable it will be for you as an investor.

Five: Pre-developed real estate has often been overlooked by investors for its lack of cash flow; For most investors, cash is king and the lure of quick profits means that pre-developed land is not the diamond in the rough for most investors. This means more potential for you as an investor and more opportunities to compete in a less crowded market.

Sure there are many, many reasons to own real estate, including profit, wealth building, tax breaks, and the ability to create a legacy for your family. Pre-developed real estate is the highest markup in this investment field.

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