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what makes a man sexy

What makes a man attractive? Is the handsome good looking of him? Are his pecs rock hard and his abs of steel? Or is it her smile and his personality that take the cake? In a society where everyone looks aesthetically astute, it’s hard to validate this question for sure. Sensuality is a very subjective matter and is very relative at that. He has inconsonant views of each individual just like everyone fights over tastes in clothes and food. Therefore, a universal answer to this expanded question is wishful thinking. However, having met men from all walks of life with radical tastes and personalities, I think I can provide some real down to earth insights on this subject.

So what makes a man sexy? Get rid of the smell of the following:

1. Masculinity

There’s more to a man than his tight butt and washboard abs. True, the first thing a woman notices is her anatomical attributes, but what remains in her mind is not all that. It is the inherent masculinity of her. It’s in the way that she struts languidly around the room with a display of adequacy and grace and the way that she displays the twinkle in her eyes that finally creates the spark. It’s also the way he moves and talks that keeps women’s eyes riveted on him. Being masculine doesn’t just suggest flaunting a great build or a protective quality, but having this natural instinctual masculine self to trigger women’s instinctive feelings of attraction.

2. Smile

A sweet natural smile is one of the greatest attractions of a man. He exudes an aura of friendliness and establishes a presence of charisma. It also breaks the woman’s resistance and communicates hidden messages without any verbal language. This is why a man who is generous with his smile is guaranteed to maintain a magnet profile for women!

3. Eye contact

A man who knows how to make eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. Women, just like men, are absolute attention seekers. They want men to listen and pay attention to the things they say. Then they demand affirmation. Eye contact is a way of ratifying. It makes a woman feel sufficiently cared for and cared for. Eye contact makes women feel so extremely special that sometimes they tend to melt on the spot.

4. Confidence

Confidence makes a man. There is something about the lure of wealth and power that women just can’t resist. The antithesis of how most people see it, giving off that overbearing vibe doesn’t always depend on one’s bank account. Men can acquire that aura of authority simply by moving through life with an air of self-confidence and a boost of self-esteem.

5. Aromatic sense

If a man is a heartthrob on screen and he’s a hunk on a ramp but he sucks, he definitely falls into the ruthless world. No woman likes a man who smells overly mature like he just spent 24 hours locked in the bathroom. If a man looks good and smells even better, women are bound to swarm around him.

6. Sense of style

Some men just don’t seem like the type to go with the fashion trend. But that doesn’t mean they’re happening. Some simply have their own personal preferences and resist the allure of punk clothing. Actually, it’s not the clothes that make a man sexy. It’s how he wears his clothes with confidence and ease that he does. Clothes do not attract women, it is the man who makes those clothes look good on him who deceives them.

7. Communication skills

Intellect is a factor in today’s attraction equation. We are in such a competitive world that anyone who does not have it is immediately looked down upon. But intellect without communication skills is not an attractive product. Conversation skills are necessary for any man to win the tournament. He must know when and how to start a conversation and continue it until it dies down. He must not patronize women and he is not so full of himself. It is believed that if a man is able to stimulate a woman’s brain juices in conversation, he is likely to be able to stimulate her other juices as well.


Sensitivity is sexy but too much sensitivity is femininity. So where do we draw the line? When we talk about sensitivity on the right scale, it means having a sense of empathy, confidentiality, and trust in oneself. When a woman trusts him with something, a man’s initial reaction is to help her find a solution or fix it himself. This is not sensitivity. When a woman expresses her feelings, she only needs one ear to absorb the steam of her being. A sexy man realizes this and always gets women.

9. Sense of humor

Laughter releases chemicals that create a feeling of well-being, which is wonderful. A man endowed with a good sense of humor automatically earns him points on the sexy with women scale. With his combined powerful use of expression and wit, he becomes an addiction women can’t get enough of. Women think that if he can make them laugh in public, chances are he can make them laugh in bed too.

10. Rarity

The extrinsic and intrinsic personal traits and abilities that are considered unique and superior by a woman’s biology and also by the society she identifies with are, to varying degrees, highly enchanting to the female species. Whether a man has the gift of music or potential graceful footwork or simply art at his fingertips, he can charm his way anywhere. A mysterious facade that keeps her intrigued and guessing is also considered fascinating. But a man’s resistance to a woman’s seduction is considered paramount. The effects of her are naturally rooted in the “sexual” part of a woman’s brain that drives the engines of her purring all the time.

What makes a man sexy is all about him and more. Whether it’s on the surface or on the skin, it’s just a matter of projection. Every man is sexy in his own way. They just have to feel that in themselves for the seething sensuality to come out of them naturally.

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