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What separated Michael Jordan from the rest

The debate grows and will continue to evolve as new NBA players define themselves and fans are absorbed by them. However, despite the rapid introduction of several great players in the last two decades, certain someone still comes into our thoughts when we discuss who is / was the greatest of all time. A discussion on such a topic could not even be probed without mentioning who, in my opinion, is the greatest basketball player of all time. Of course I’m talking about Michael Jordan.

Statistics have been compared, numbers added, processed, and included in various equations with the expectation of a robust answer. It never happens. It seems that only your interpretation and your instinct could give you the answer. Some of today’s gamers get caught up in the equation for the simple fact that they put in the numbers, make rings, and wow the audience. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the closest candidates to even be compared to MJ in my opinion. Kobe has won the battle of many important statistics, including championships. LeBron is on his way to building his reputation beyond question. But if we take a moment to acknowledge that everyone has great and meaningful stats and then focus on the dynamics of the game, then maybe we can see things clearer.

I’m very impressed by the way Michael Jordan was able to not only understand the game of basketball, how he viewed the court in any setting, but how it affected people while playing. Michael was able to create a response in his teammates. He understood his abilities, his mentality, his weaknesses and vision, and was able to lead his team to numerous victories as a true champion would. The Bulls of the 90s were not the best team of that time from a statistical point of view, nor from a player-to-player evaluation point of view. However, the energy and dynamics of that team were unmatched. This can be attributed to the energy that Michael emanated.

Michael Jordan wasn’t interested in points, attention, comparisons or anything like that. If it were, he wouldn’t have let anything distract him from the game when he decided to try his baseball career. He simply felt that he had achieved what he set out to achieve with the game. He came back from his love of the game and maybe just to see if he still had that special, strange ability to control the pace of the game. Surely he did and steamed to the left. Too many of these players today are concentrating on beating their stats and outshining it rather than using their obvious talents to improve their game, win championships, and improve the quality of their teams and the game in general.

MJ stands out in a league of his own when it comes to passion, respect and effectiveness in the game of basketball. For this reason, I and many others around the world crown Michael Jordan the greatest of all time.

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