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WoW Profession Guides – Blacksmithing 1-450

Blacksmith Skill Increase

You will want to equip yourself and your friends as your skill increases. If you keep your skill at 25 plus five times your level, you can always make items that you can equip at their minimum level. Outside of items that you create because you want to, or to fulfill Blacksmith’s missions, there are a number of minimal material items that you can make to advance your skill, primarily stone, miscellaneous. elements and some elements of armor of low material.

Blacksmith Apprentice Path

This is done primarily with stone, saving your copper and bronze bars for later, except when you need to equip yourself or your friends or clients. Make rough whetstones (turns green at 15 and gray at 55) until you hit 25 and learn rough whetstones. (Save and use those whetstones as a combat buff.) Make rough whetstones (turns green at 45 and gray at 85) until you reach skill 65, keeping them for later use in crafting other items. Make thick whetstones (green when learning at 65, gray at 80) until you hit 75 and be an officer. Useful copper items for skill enhancement include copper bracers (2 copper bars, green at 20), copper chain pants (4 copper bars, green at 50), and copper chain belt (6 copper bars , green at 75).

Journeyman’s Smithy Trail

At 75 you learn Coarse Grinding Stone, which is green when learned. Make them until they turn gray at 100 and save them to make more items. Convert tin and copper into bronze bars, but save them. Make Silver Rods until they turn green at 105 (and sell them to Enchanters) and then make Rough Bronze Leggings (with your saved bronze bars) until they turn green at 145 or even gray at gray at 175.

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