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Top 10 Stores For Indoor Plants in Toronto

Stores For Indoor Plants in Toronto

From terrariums and fiddle leaf fig trees to snake plants and air purifying cacti, Toronto has become a verdant oasis for plant lovers of all kinds. Whether you’re an experienced horticulturist or a green-thumb beginner, these top 10 stores for indoor plants in Toronto are sure to please.

The swanky Junction shop offers everything from affordable succulents and snake plants to high-end floral arrangements and bonsai. But what really sets this spot apart is their selection of exotic houseplants. There are Chinese evergreens and elephant ear plants galore, as well as sansevierias and watermelon peperomia.

Founded by Rosie Jeffares-Levitt, this boutique has something for every style and budget. You can find a little succulent to add to your home or office, or you can buy a bespoke flower arrangement that matches your colour palette and interior design. They also offer a wedding and event service to take the guesswork out of your floral needs.

This Dundas West store has a thriving collection of unique terrariums and other indoor plants, plus an ever-changing selection of cactus and orchids. If you’re a fan of DIY, be sure to check out their workshops where you can make your own terrarium and learn how to care for it.

While this plant shop is mainly known for their luscious greenhouse vegetables, they also have an excellent assortment of greenery and plants to help you create your perfect garden. You’ll find plants that you can plant in the ground or put into a pot, as well as gardening supplies like fertilizer and soil. The staff is happy to provide advice and tips, too.

Top 10 Stores For Indoor Plants in Toronto

No hip Parkdale home is complete without a terrarium or fiddle leaf fig tree, and this neighbourhood boutique has both in abundance. The shop’s eclectic collection of botanicals also includes a range of hanging air plants and a variety of handmade planters, so you can find the right piece to match your home.

Down 2 Earth is a Toronto favourite when it comes to picking out the flowers, trees and shrubs you need to beautify your yard. The store has been serving Rosedale, Yorkville and Annex residents for 17 years and prides themselves on being a family-run business with exceptional customer service.

This greenhouse specializes in all types of indoor and outdoor plants, including tropical plants and terrariums. They also offer plant maintenance, so you can be sure that your plants will look their best throughout the year. In addition to their wide selection of greenery, you’ll find a variety of gardening tools and accessories, as well as gardening products for children.

In the heart of Toronto, a city known for its vibrant culture and love for nature, a myriad of plant stores toronto stand as havens for plant enthusiasts. The bustling metropolis boasts an impressive array of green sanctuaries, catering to all levels of plant parenthood.

First on the list is “Leafy Haven,” a quaint shop tucked away in the Kensington Market, renowned for its eclectic collection of rare and exotic plants. Meanwhile, “Urban Jungle Emporium” in Queen West offers a chic and modern ambiance, featuring a curated selection of trendy houseplants and stylish planters.

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