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200 Vs 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Vs 300 Hour Yoga

Many people who practice yoga are familiar with the 200 hour teacher training, a certification required to teach yoga at most studios today. It is like a high school diploma and can be very helpful in developing a yoga practice. However, most people are interested in moving forward with their education and becoming a registered yoga teacher (RYT). That is where the 300 hour yoga training comes in.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the second level of yoga educator training. This is when you dive deeper into yoga philosophy, deepen your understanding of postures and learn about subtle anatomy from a yogic perspective. It is a time to truly embody the responsibilities and privileges of being a yoga teacher.

As with any type of yoga training, the quality of the training will vary from one school to the next. Some will have a very large group size which can make it difficult to build close connections with fellow trainees and also to get much personal guidance from the teachers. Some will be very intense with lots of reading and homework. Others will focus on physical movement and a lot of practice. This can be a good thing but be wary of programs that focus solely on physical practice as they may not give you the foundations that you need to teach safely and effectively.

200 Vs 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

If you are considering a 200 or 300 hour yoga training, look at the curriculum and find out how much time is spent on teaching practice. This will be a good indicator of the depth that the training will go into and will help you decide whether it is right for you. You want to ensure that there are enough hours to cover the skills that you will need to be able to deliver a well-rounded, transformative yoga class such as verbal cuing, alignment, physical adjustments and assisting, holding space, sequencing and teaching styles.

Another thing to consider is the length of the course and the number of days per week that are required for training. This can impact your ability to commit to the training, especially if you work full time or have other obligations. Some 200 hour teacher trainings will have long weekend or week-long blocks of time while others will be held over a longer period of time and require you to take more holidays and days off work.

The other consideration is that if you are wanting to teach kids, seniors or prenatal yoga then you will need more training than a 200 hour teacher training. This can be a very exciting journey and it is great to be able to follow your passion but don’t let the length of the training limit you in any way. This is a time to really expand your knowledge and learn more about the incredible ancient science of yoga. It is an opportunity to connect with the gurus, sages and masters that came before us who lived simply, yet knew how to heal the body, mind and spirit.

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