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3 secrets to tighten and firm the skin

There should be no secrets to tightening and firming the skin. But it must be for some as they still resort to plastic surgery. To tighten loose skin can now be done safely and naturally. Learn the 3 secrets of skin tightening.

secret ingredients

There are 3 secrets or factors that will greatly improve sagging skin tightening. I’m going to quickly cover what they are, but for more detailed information and real solutions, visit my website.

Follow these three suggestions and the appearance of your skin will change dramatically for the better:

1. Eat the right nutrients from food
2. Take an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement (Hoki fish oil is great)
3. Use a skin cream with natural ingredients

food nutrients

Eat foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radical damage in the body and skin. Lack of antioxidants can contribute to sagging skin, especially on the neck and under the eyes. The nutrients we need are usually found in our food. But I suggest that, to be safe, take a good multinutrient supplement every day. These are some of the foods that contain excellent free radical fighters, antioxidants:

*Active Manuka Honey*
*Wakame Seaweed*
*Passion fruit*

More special antioxidants

Not all beneficial antioxidants are commonly found in the foods we eat because they are found in plants somewhat outside of the food chain. One of them is the blue passion flower. It is special because it has an antioxidant called Chrysin. Chrysin helps strengthen blood vessels. Thus, it helps tighten sagging skin. What else besides food? The second key ingredient helps tighten and firm the skin.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Fish oil, especially Hoki fish, firms the skin. Fish oil is effective because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. I mentioned Hoki fish oil because the source I came across uses it as a supplement in conjunction with their line of skin care products. I was impressed with the way they distill the fish to remove all possible contaminants. Hoki fish oil is very pure and healthy. See my website for the source. Now secret #3.

Natural skin cream with safe ingredients

Most of the skin creams on the market don’t do a good job of tightening sagging skin let alone firming the skin. The reason is that most do not have the right ingredients or not enough. As mentioned, antioxidants in our food are important, but so are the skin care products we use.

The skin cream must be formulated correctly

The formula of the skin cream must be correct for it to be effective. What this means is that the ingredients must be in the skin cream that work in the right concentration. I mentioned some of them above like Chrysin, wakame seaweed, keratin, etc. For more detailed information on how to get rid of sagging skin and how to tighten and firm skin, please visit my website.

Skin care plan that works

1. Eat Foods That Have Plant-Based Antioxidants
2. Fish oil supplement consumed daily
3. Apply a skin cream (Day & Night Cream)
4. Visit my website for another skin care secret

Just remember that most department stores and drug stores have cheap and ineffective skin care products. Some even damage the skin. Follow the skincare plan above and you will see very satisfying results in no time. I know you sure do. Thanks again for reading this.

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