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Apartments in Houston TX you can rent without a job

Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, has numerous apartments for anyone looking to rent. One question that many people ask, especially in this type of economy that we find ourselves in, is how can an apartment be approved without necessarily showing proof of income. For many complexes in the sprawling city, having a job is an important prerequisite to getting approved. Not only do you need to have a solid job, but you also need to earn enough to pay your monthly rent. Those who are unemployed are therefore at a great disadvantage when it comes to being approved. But is there a way to get approved in Houston even without a job?

Some places where you can rent without a job

  • Westchase District
  • Heights
  • mission curve
  • Katy
  • Relief

Navigating unemployment when applying

We have seen that in Houston, renting an apartment implies being able to prove both income and employment. Many apartments actually go to the trouble of verifying and this is usually done simply with a phone call to an 800 number or requesting original paycheck stubs or tax returns. Unfortunately, in this economy, there are a large number of apartment seekers who are not gainfully employed.

One of the best ways to get approved for an apartment if you are truly unemployed is to have a co-signer. This is someone with a good reputation in the community who can vouch that they know it and is willing to swear on its authenticity. Some apartments will approve just for this, but some will insist on additional information.

Another layer of qualifiers you can possibly provide is a list of your assets. If you own income-producing property, such as a rental property, you can show it as proof of income. Some apartments will accept this in addition to having a co-signer.

One last and final step you can take to get approved in Houston out of work is to offer to pay a deposit. In addition to a deposit, one can also offer to pay 3 months rent in advance and also show that they are actively looking for work. This gives leasing management the impression that the tenant will soon find gainful employment.

Remember that even after providing all of this information, it is still the apartment’s discretion to rent to you or not. Some may also run credit checks and background checks to make a determination.

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