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Cool Fly-Ying F006 iPhone Clone – New Best Smartphone

Are you saying: “not another clone?” Well, for your knowledge, this is not just a clone, it is an iPhone clone. You will find Fly-Ying F006 very interesting to use as your own personal smartphone. The features of this phone are not that different from the standard iPhone. The Fly-Ying F006 is known as the best newest to hit the market and it is just like the iPhone. Read the rest of the article to learn about some good features of the clone.

The F006 is a phone that provides a lot of memory and even supports media. What is striking about the clone is the new dual sim card expansion. It might surprise you to know, but the dual SIM card allows for two different numbers, providing calls and texts at the same time. Dual phone number allows you to enjoy two-way calls in a different way. Now you will be able to have SIM cards from different carriers, which is perfect for those who travel a lot.

Traveling with this phone is a good idea, due to the good camera features and music media. First of all, you need to check the specifications of the camera.

The camera is a 2.1 megapixel camera, which provides the user with some high quality images. The built-in software allows easy browsing of images as it has a good amount of memory.

The screen is slightly smaller than the actual iPhone, giving you some keyboard space for calling and texting. The screen hasn’t changed much, the resolution is better now that it’s a smaller screen. Mobile TV is also available for people who are going to travel long distances. Fm Radio and Bluetooth will be available for clone users. The phone’s speakerphone is also pretty good.

The Fly-Ying F006 has many new features that will surprise you. Everyone needs a phone when traveling and this phone will definitely get the job done. We know that the small screen when you compare it with the normal iPhone is very different, but if you think about it, smaller is better as it does not distort the image seen on the phone. There are many features on this phone that we know you and everyone else will enjoy.

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