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How to Introduce Your Wife to a Female-Led Relationship

Frank was a 39-year-old sales manager who completely loved his wife but kept a big secret from her. Frank longed to be in a love relationship led by a woman. He wanted her wife to take care of her, he always thought about serving her coffee in her bed, doing housework and generally pleasing her.

The idea of ​​waking up in the morning and serving him coffee in bed with a long, deep massage was what he wanted to do. He wanted her to tell him to do the laundry, clean the house, do the dishes and most importantly control her orgasm.

He knew that his sexual drive was directly connected to his desire to serve her. There was something deep inside him that made him feel this way and he didn’t know how to talk to her about it.

He thought of different ways to approach her when he discovered some little-known secrets that he could use to introduce her to this type of relationship. He developed a plan and then put it into action.

Men who want to introduce their wives to this kind of lifestyle need to understand that if they want their wives to accept this lifestyle, they need to be a little patient. Being introduced to something new takes some time. As we age, we develop thoughts and behaviors, and when new information is presented, we sometimes resist.

If your wife or girlfriend is a fairly open-minded person who enjoys doing different things, this won’t be a big deal. When my husband first introduced me to this lifestyle, she was open because she could see how important it was to him. At the same time I love to try new things. I love going to new restaurants, traveling to new places, meeting new people and experiencing different things.

If your wife only likes to go to the same restaurant, goes to the same vacation spot every year, and only has sex in the missionary position, you may have a little more work to do. It is not an impossible situation, it will just require a little more time. Relax, it will be worth it.

The first thing we must understand is that when new information is presented to us, we must familiarize ourselves with it before we can feel comfortable with it. I worked as a sales representative for a small AM radio station in a Midwestern state about ten years ago. When I approached a small business owner to speak on the radio, they immediately told me they would never do it. They had never considered it so they immediately said “NO”.

But as I developed a relationship with them and gradually got them used to the idea of ​​radio advertising, many of them reconsidered. So the first step in introducing his wife to a female-led relationship is to not walk into the bedroom with a leather paddle and handcuffs.

The best way to start is to play a simple game. Offer him a slave coupon for a day. You can give it to him on his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or you can say you read an article that suggested it.

With the coupon, give him a list of activities to choose from. Many women feel a bit overwhelmed when faced with this for the first time. They really don’t know how to be in charge. One of my problems when I started this lifestyle was that I had to get used to receiving. I would never have asked my husband to do something for me that I could do for myself.

Some women don’t know what to do with some control and are frustrated by the whole process. Don’t get out of hand with her list, remember this is the first step in introducing your wife to someone who will serve her.

Offer to bring him breakfast in bed, rub his feet, clean his bathroom, etc. Think of the activities you don’t like to do and put them on your list. Make sure you do as good a job as you can.

At the end of the day, ask her how she liked being pampered, ask her if she liked being served. Tell him you had a great time and here’s the important point: Offer to do it again next week. During the week offer to help and pay attention to their needs.

The following week you can do it again. Once she’s a bit more open to the idea, you can start asking her if you can do it for longer periods. When you feel the time is right, ask to formalize the relationship.

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