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Known Factors That Could Trigger Seizures in Dogs

Seeing while your beloved pet is sick is never easy, but seeing seizures in dogs can be very scary for you and the pet. There are certain known factors that can be eliminated from your home once you know what they are. The information provided is not a complete list, so be sure to visit your vet for more seizure prevention tips.

Pets are more than just animals that live in a house with you; They are more like a part of your family. You feed them, bathe them and give them a nice comfortable place to sleep like a child. You should also take your pet to the vet just like you take a child to the pediatrician.

Seizures in dogs can be caused by things in their environment, toxins, or within the food they eat. Removing some of the known triggers and toxins in the home can help your dog stay healthy and seizure free. Every dog ​​is different and these recommendations are merely advice and are not guaranteed to alleviate the most serious health problems your pet may have.

Seizures can be triggered by some household items such as wool blankets, air fresheners, carpet powders, flea collars and shampoos, dryer sheets, household cleaning products, dust, and mold. Foam mattresses that contain petroleum-based chemicals have been found to have high levels of toxins that could increase seizures. Believe it or not, even cell phones have been studied to be shown to contribute to seizures in dogs.

You can apply an ice pack to the dog’s body when the seizure begins; if you can calm him down to help him. Make sure you don’t try to hold it or else you could get bitten. Pets having an epileptic seizure are frightened and may attack even people who are trying to care for them.

If you have the notice of dog seizures, there are some tips to calm your pet down until it goes away. When you notice the signs of a seizure approaching, give the dog some honey in a small amount. Honey won’t prevent a seizure, but it has been shown to at least lessen the severity. Stay very calm during your episode so that you can remain as relaxed as possible.

Sometimes when a pet owner panics about the seizure, it can actually prolong the seizure. It is very important to remain quiet and use a very soft voice when you speak to him during this period. Dimming the lights in the room and talking gently to him that he’ll be fine may help him get over the seizure more easily.

The suggested advice contains good guidelines to follow, but your precious dog should also see the vet to make sure medical attention is not needed. Seizures in dogs are never a pleasant experience for you or your pet. However, having the above knowledge and options can help prevent some of the fear and worry, as well as possibly prevent future episodes.

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