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Top 4 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross-platform mobile development refers to a mobile application development technique that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. As there are numerous platforms, device fragmentation was one of the main challenges that made it difficult for developers to create applications that would run on all mobile devices. Cross-platform mobile development tools were developed to solve this problem, ensuring consistency by offering common device functionality features.

As today’s mobile app developers try to be agile, they use the best tools to develop a mobile app. Listed below are the 4 best cross-platform mobile app development tools.

1. PhoneGap / Apache Cordova

2. Appcelerator Titanium

3. Adobe Air

4. Sencha Touch

1. PhoneGap / Apache Cordova:

It is an open source framework that allows you to create mobile applications using a standardized web interface for the platforms that interest you.


* Does not require the knowledge of dense programming languages, as it follows basic development languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

* It allows you to easily develop applications without large investments.

* The installation of the PhoneGap application is similar to the installation of a native application.


* The mobile app developer himself has to write the plugin if it is not available.

* Performance will suffer if the developer uses a lot of graphics.

2. Appcelerator Titanium:

It is an open and extensible development environment that is used to create beautiful native applications on different mobile devices.


* Allows you to develop an application flexibly with its rapid prototyping.

* Use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create the application.

* Uses standard user interface elements like tables, buttons, etc.

* Allows you to store the data locally.

* Support asynchronous module definition (AMD) and common JS.


* Access is restricted for certain components of a mobile operating system.

* Offers limited access to device resources, such as the camera.

3. Adobe Air:

It is a new generation technology that allows you to easily develop applications using HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex.


* Ensured a rich user experience.

* Allows you to create rich media content applications that require flash.

* Easy to install.

* Play high quality HD videos with industry standard codecs.


* Access to the database is limited to SQLite or web services.

* The developer must have a good understanding of complex languages ​​to use Adobe Air.

4. Sencha Touch:

It is a mobile application framework that allows you to build powerful applications that work on iOS, Android Windows, and other platforms.


* Delivers a rich experience as expected by users.

* Provides an extensive set of documentation and screencast that make you more productive.

* Ensures pixel perfection with its advanced layout engine.


* The chances of the provider getting stuck are high as it is not open source.

* Works only in JavaScript, which can create problems when creating mobile applications.

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