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10 sticks of happiness

Imagine that happiness is a fire that burns within us and to keep the flame bright we need to feed it regularly. The fuel is the 10 Sticks of Happiness, an ancient Lakota understanding of happiness.

It’s okay to desire possessions: a good sound system, a sports car, nice clothes, etc. And we all need some pleasures in life. The problems begin if we believe that pleasures and possessions are the way to be happy. We soon found out that we can never get enough of them. Research shows that more money does not increase happiness.

What do we understand by happiness?

When you are happy:

  • You feel joy, peace and satisfaction.
  • You are satisfied with who you are.
  • People enjoy being around you
  • You have higher self-esteem.
  • Your life is physically improved
  • You will be able to more easily solve any problem that may arise
  • you have extra energy
  • Your life improves in every way

10 sticks of happiness

I am learning:

1. That I am the most unique and special manifestation of creation.

Is there someone else who sees the world exactly as you do, who has your thoughts, hopes and dreams? That makes you unique and special.

2. Value everything that I am and have.

You can never be happy unless you appreciate who you are and what you have. The alternative is always wanting to be someone else, or to have something else, and that doesn’t bring happiness.

3. Approach life with optimism and confidence.

It’s hard to be happy when you have a negative outlook on life. Since both negative and positive opinions are just interpretations, why not choose the one that makes you happy and be optimistic and confident?

4. Set new and interesting goals for myself.

We are innovators by nature. We want to improve things, make them better. Without new and interesting goals we become stagnant and depressed.

5. Adapt to changes in my life.

All life is change. Everything is changing all the time. It is much easier to be like a willow and bend in the wind than to be rigid and break.

6. Live today as if it were my last day

One day will be your last and you will want to cherish every minute. Why wait until then?

7. Deepen love for myself.

The power of love can help you get through anything that comes your way. When you truly love yourself you will have a power that others will see.

8. Understand the other.

When I can see the world through another’s eyes and empathize with their feelings, I become wiser, kinder, gentler, and less concerned with myself.

9. Avoid being a perfectionist.

Nothing in life or nature is perfect. Expecting it from yourself and others is a definite path to unhappiness.

10. I am learning to laugh with life.

If you can smile at your troubles and laugh when things get you down, you’ll live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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