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Building trust is easier and more exciting than most people think.

One of the biggest obstacles on your way to having abundant confidence to pursue what you really want in life is not having anything you’re moving toward that really means anything to you.

So often we are controlled by that gut-wrenching fear when we enter a new environment or try a new experience. New social environments can cause a tightness in the chest or a knot in the stomach. Perhaps we feel a lump in our throat when we attend an event organized by our children’s school, or the office party that is outside the normal limits of showing up and sitting at the desk. You identify?

Lack of trust prevents many people from doing so many things that they know they should or just want to do. The conversation you feel compelled to start but chicken out and walk away. The job you want to go to or the business you really want to start, but you are terrified of being rejected or failing and being criticized by your friends, family or colleagues. The class you want to go to but you’re afraid you’ll be embarrassed or that everyone will judge you because you won’t be able to.

I have also felt the pain and insecurity of low self-esteem and confidence. I remember turning my back on it and walking away from a girl when I was 16. Why? Because she smiled at me and said hello! How could she do such a thing?! He was terrified. I remember panicking, scared that if she said hello, I’d have to think of something funny, charming, and witty to say next. I felt my entire body seized and frozen with panic and I simply turned and walked away, not saying a word.

I can look back and laugh now. But that was a real challenge for me 20 years ago and being able to overcome that kind of self-doubt and lack of confidence has made a huge difference in how I live my life and who I’ve become.

So what can people do with their low self-confidence? Life seems so overwhelming and challenging when your first thought about anything is always fearful, figuring out how you can get through the situation ahead without blushing and becoming shy and awkward. Fortunately, wherever you are right now in your confidence levels, there are many wonderful and easy ways to increase and build your confidence and self-confidence.

One of the deepest and most lasting ways to help your confidence grow and stay as well is to get clear on what you really want in your life and begin, nicely and steadily, to move towards it.

It seems that as a society we have created a way of life where you get an education, secure a career, get married and have kids, buy a house and retire at 60, with a dash of annual summer vacations and a nice car. to travel the journey is, in short, a ‘life full and well lived’.

Now, if you’re doing what lights you up on the inside as a career, then bravo! However, statistics show that up to 84% of people surveyed in the developed world feel dissatisfied and dissatisfied with their chosen job. 84%??!! Isn’t that an incredible number?!

One of the main reasons people suffer from a lack of confidence is that they get stuck in a rut. They have stopped chasing and moving forward. After a few setbacks, their confidence can fall into the downward spiral that takes them further and further away from their true selves, leading them into the pits of fear, doubt, insecurity, and self-loathing. They have had their spark (that place within them that is real and true and alive and vibrant) snuffed out and covered up. The expectations of the world have been placed upon them. They have incorporated the ideas of everyone around them about who to be, what to do, how to behave, how to think, where to work, who to spend time with. All of these well-intentioned counselors have led people farther from their center, further from the truth in their own hearts. One of the surest ways to lose confidence in ourselves is to lose touch with that unique and beautiful spark within each of us.

For this reason, one of the quickest, easiest and most important antidotes against a lack of self-confidence is to be clear about something that you really want, something that lights you up inside and fills you with enthusiasm and passion, and start taking small steps towards it. . Now, it doesn’t have to be your life’s work, your big heart-filled mission in this life (although if you know what it is, then focus on that for sure), but it has to be something more important to you. than just paying the bills and going through each month tired and noticing one heavy step at a time, always feeling as if you were standing still and never moving forward. Or worse yet, fighting hard but feeling like you’re slowly regressing in one or more areas of your life.

Building your confidence isn’t just about helping you with quick and simple techniques (although there are plenty of quick and simple techniques that can double or triple your confidence in the blink of an eye), it’s about helping you have an inner transformation. which leads you to a deep and abiding well of trust, which will open you up to more possibilities than you can imagine right now.

How would it feel to be able to pursue everything you want in life? Every time you see something you’d like to try or someone you’d like to talk to or an experience you’d like to have, how awesome would it be to have the confidence to do it?

Can you imagine the moments in life that would take on deeper and richer meaning and feelings? Even if your confidence is at an all time low right now, you can probably relate to this because you almost certainly have had times in your life where you did. You have experienced those times when you threw caution and fear overboard and went after the person or experience you really wanted.

Regardless of the outcome, you have felt that rush of excitement, joy, and vitality that comes from knowing that you are being true to your heart’s desires and pursuing what matters to you. You will hardly recognize the new you that is thriving and enjoying life, no longer caring what everyone thinks of you, no longer caring how you look or sound, no feeling that tightness in your chest or stomach when you try to take a step. ahead.

The new you will be someone who is ready to say yes to almost anything in life. Adventure, play, openness, joy, passion, enthusiasm, and self-confidence will become the normal, habitual experience of everyday life. If you have a hard time imagining this right now, stay with me. I would love to help you if you want to go deeper into this process and experience even more confidence and excitement as you take control of your life and pursue your dreams.

When this more confident part of you takes control of your life, everything begins to change. As your confidence grows and you begin to pursue the things you’ve always wanted in life, but never had the confidence to pursue, every part of your life begins to grow in response to your feelings about yourself. Your career changes or evolves. People often find promotions and other possibilities more in line with what they really want to start opening. Relationships improve or the perfect partner appears. The confidence to start the new business, to rescue the current one or simply double or triple your current profit, the belief in yourself to demand more income for your time from a place of trust and value instead of fear and insecurity.

The weight that people have always wanted to lose is finally starting to come off as they feel better about themselves and make decisions that support their growing self-image, rather than trying to force themselves down the path of the next near-impossible diet. while they still feel bad about themselves. .

The emotional habits that we get stuck in, such as anger, resentment, jealousy, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, and any type of emotion that we experience in life begin to decrease and transform into healthier emotional habits that support your growth and development as your confidence continues to grow. . You won’t even recognize yourself a year from now if you decide to begin the sacred work of developing your belief in yourself now.

So where do you start? Here and now is probably a good time and place, don’t you think?

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of deciding what you really want to do next? What really matters to you in life? Not what your society, parents, siblings, partner, children, colleagues or friends expect of you. What is it that really matters to you? For a life changing confidence and belief, get in tune with that part of you that really knows who you are and what you want and start taking small but firm steps towards it. You will hardly believe how different your life will look when you truly step into that eternal and secure part of you that knows what it really wants.

Give yourself the gift you deserve. Take a step or two in the direction of a dream or goal that matters to you. Keep the steps super small and easy to accomplish and watch your confidence start to grow astronomically.

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