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Tweet Adder – Your Best Tweeting Buddy

Tweet Adder is a must have for you especially if you are using Twitter for your online business. Times are changing and, along with them, the way people carry out their daily activities. About a decade and a half ago, people used to buy products through physical stores, but all that has changed lately. Today, people rely more on the Internet to conduct their business. Obviously, you need people to know about your website before they visit it. The best way to do this is through Twitter. If you plan things right and have a dedicated group of followers, you can easily notify them about your website and what you offer them.

On the other hand, if you follow them, then you have a chance to know what they are doing. However, adding a large number of people to your group of Twitter followers is not an easy task. If you try to add a lot of followers in a short period of time, you could also get your account banned for spam. Of course, you have the option to add a person to your watchlist once every few minutes. Without a doubt, this means that you have to stay in front of your computer throughout the day. Do you have that much time to spare?

Wouldn’t it be better if there was automated software that could take care of all these activities? The good news is that you can accomplish complicated tasks like getting 300 people to follow you with just one mouse click. Another click of the mouse and you start following them too. This is possible with the help of software called Tweet Adder. Automate the entire task. However, you can set the timer according to your wishes. Just set the timer and Tweet Adder will add people to your watchlist once every minute or whatever time interval you have set.

This is why the Twitter servers will not be able to guess that an automated program is performing all the tasks instead of a human being. Unlike other developers who disappear without a trace, Tweet Adder’s developers regularly update their software. The latest version is 3.0. Quite a few improvements have been made in the new version. The most interesting update is to manage multiple accounts from the same screen. You now have the option to follow and unfollow multiple accounts simultaneously.

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