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Don’t be a leader if you’re not going to make the EFFORTS!

Although many people are either elected, selected, or promoted to leadership positions, unfortunately, only a small minority actually go on to become meaningful, realistic, relevant, and effective leaders! After more than four decades of personal involvement in nearly every aspect of leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and mentoring thousands of actual and/or potential leaders, to personally serving as a leader in On several occasions, I feel strongly that many people move forward for the wrong reasons! The reality is often that one should not become a leader if one is not ready, willing, and/or able to make the decision. EFFORTS, He needed to be the best, he can possibly be! With that in mind, this article will briefly try to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

1. Effort; empathy; emphasis; effects; Excellence: Leading requires someone to exert quality effort, consistently, to benefit, serve, and represent your organization and stakeholders! He must be willing and able to regularly, effectively listen and learn from every conversation and experience, in order to proceed, with the necessary amount of genuine empathy! This should direct the emphasis of it, and when, it, effects, they have a much greater chance of leading to meaningful, true excellence!

two. face the facts; face fears: Don’t deny them, try to run away from, or create your own alternate reality, but rather face the facts and deal with reality, proactively, without delay! It often requires expanding the boundaries/limitations of your personal comfort zone and proactively facing your fears and becoming a better leader.

3. future; fruition: Quality leadership requires, and demands, paying attention to present needs, while focusing on ramifications and impacts in the future! It is the responsibility of a leader to bring quality ideas to fruition!

Four. Options; to opt; opportunities; offer; optimize; organized: One must be organized to successfully tackle the best way forward! You must consider and review all viable options and alternatives and go for the best possibilities! Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves or create your own opportunity! Carefully consider what you may have to offer the specific group! The duty of a leader is to optimize his service and proceed, effectively and efficiently, in an organized manner!

5. reasons; Fundamental reason; important: What could be your reasons for wanting to lead? Carefully examine your personal rationale and proceed in a relevant and worthwhile way!

6. Confidence; prompt; time tested: To lead, you must earn the trust of your stakeholders, and to do so, you must proceed, move forward, consistently, in a timely and well-considered manner, leveraging time, techniques, experience, knowledge, experience and wisdom. !

7. Strengths; stronger; Service; system; sustainable solutions: Take advantage of your strengths and those of your group and use them to make the organization better and more significant! Your leadership will only provide quality service, if/when, you perceive and conceive and create/implement the best system to produce sustainable solutions!

Quality leaders do their EFFORTS, make a difference, for the better! Are you up to the tasks?

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